Speedy assistance for your international business operations through our translation, interpretation and education services


High quality and faithful correspondence

Since its foundation in 1991, TOP Language has provided the highest-quality services and contributed to the clients’ business in such areas as translation & interpretation (covering 40 languages), translation for broadcast & media, proofreading by native English speakers, overseas coordination services, overseas interpreting services, Japanese-language education (for non-Japanese business people & JITCO intern trainees), human resources development in Bangladesh, India, etc., and consulting services. We have conducted a number of business transactions especially with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, various public service agencies, foundations, companies and universities, and provided assistance for various international business operations.



Translations Service

We cover more than 40 different languages from all over the world and meet the diverse needs of our clients. We assist the clients in their international business in wide-ranged areas including legal translation, technical translation, IT translation, industrial translation and translation for broadcast & media clients. We also have a good track record of translation services in Vietnamese, Thai, Bengali, Indonesian, Burmese and Cambodian.


Interpretation Services

We can offer diverse interpretation services including simultaneous interpretation at international conferences, interpretation at business meetings/seminars/workshops and accompanying interpretation.

Our registered interpreters are true professionals who have not only superb interpretational skills but also ability to be attentive to the clients’ needs. They will support the clients’ international business with their accurate and careful interpretation.

The main languages especially covered by our interpretation services are:

English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Malay, French, German, Spanish and Arabic.

For overseas business development, seminars, exhibitions, etc., we provide our clients with services from interpreters living abroad as well as support & advice concerning interpretation, translation and other contingent services. Inquiries from media organizations regarding our interpretation services for overseas reporting/filming/locations are also welcome. Consultations


Japanese-Language Education

Our professional Japanese-language instructors with vast teaching & life experience provide non-Japanese accepted by our client entities in Japan (companies, organizations, schools, foundations, associations) with Japanese-language education designed to meet each individual’s objectives and goals.


Japanese-Language Books

Top Language publishes Japanese-language books to help non-Japanese people understand Japanese culture and customs, with useful information which they can refer to in business setting and everyday life. These textbooks are intended specially for foreign technical interns and foreign employees at Japanese companies.